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Shaun McGill
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Shaun McGill What a brilliant album. Working my way through the catalogue, but may have just found a successor to They Might Be Giants and Ween. Favorite track: Don't (Stop Believin').
Andrew Walden
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Andrew Walden I Do, Adieu is selected as my favorite song because of that guitar solo, which, in the Hussalonian catalogue, is rivaled only by Time Will Measure Me. It excites me to an immeasurable degree. I've Nothing Good Inside Me Now is a very close second. Add that one to my list of songs to cry to. Favorite track: I Do, Adieu.


Dogdammit! was written and recorded in a feverish three week period in February 2015. Battling illness, depression, and record-breaking low winter temperatures, The Hussalonia Founder abandoned Dogdammit! for an album of Nefarico™ soap jingles. (See: The Somewhat Surprising Return of Nefarico™ Jingles.) Dogdammit! was finally released one year and three months later.

Read more about it in "Making Dogdammit!," a series of journal entries that The Hussalonia Founder maintained while writing and recording Dogdammit:


released June 7, 2016

All songs written, recorded and performed by The Hussalonia Founder.
© 2016 BMI




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is pop music cult owned by Nefarico™. Pop does not mean popular.

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Track Name: Make Way for My Depression!
Make way for my depression!
Gather round and watch me suffer again!
Get down and meet your maker!
Cross your heart. Hope to die.
I’m rudderless and compromised.
Hop on board and sail away.
My eyesight’s poor and I’ve got tinnitus.
Take my hand and let me lead.
Just make way!
I’ve got inside information.
Silence your phones.
Count your chromosomes.
You haven’t said a word all evening.
How do you say, I think I’m leaving?
Or should I say,
how do you stay?
Make way for my depression!
Track Name: What Is Everybody Thinking About When They're Not Thinking About Me?
Sometimes I loathe myself.
Sometimes I love myself.
I must a genius or insane.
I’ll take it either way.
What is everyone thinking about when they’re not thinking about me?
I say this and that;
It’s what I’m natural at.
Guided by some pretense,
sometimes I even make sense.
One eye on the road,
no hands on the wheel.
I know, I’m asking a lot.
but please give me all you got.
What is everyone thinking about when they’re not thinking about me?
I’m stupid with gratitude.
I’m awful with belief.
Take a look at my illustrious career!
I’m running from my grief.
I’m most myself when I’m afraid.
I’m dancing around the truth.
It’s time to dial it back!
Time to pull my sweet tooth.
Track Name: A Little Prayer
Lend me your ears and I’ll make them bleed.
We can fall in love or fall asleep.
I’m making good time tonight.
You’re somewhere between sweet and strange.
Promise me that you’ll never change.
We’re making good time tonight.
I say a little prayer to the microphone.
I hear a little prayer in my headphones.
Blessed be the songs.
I live in bursts, three minutes long.
My access to love is all wrong.
What do I enjoy? I hardly know.
Flipping through records, dust falling like snow.
I’m killing my time tonight.
I nestle my nose wherever it goes,
sniffing my way back to my home.
I’m making up time tonight.
I wanna hold your hand —
this is only a recording.
Track Name: Now Is Not the Time to Talk
There’s smoke from the engine.
The wing is on fire.
The ground’s growing nearer.
The craft is coming apart.
Now is not the time to talk.
There’s glass stuck in my face
There’s blood all in my mouth.
Flames getting taller.
Fuel leaking everywhere.
Track Name: Three Little Words
There’s pollen in my hair
I'm hardly anywhere.
Three little words... I don't know!
You tried to explain what I misunderstood.
I closed my ears for my own good.
Three little words... I don't know!
You asked when will i ever learn?
Someday I might, and there'll be no return.
Three little words... I don't know!
Track Name: I'm Fresh Out of Answers
Whatever you’re for, whatever you’re against,
there’s a little of it on both sides of the fence.
Every sinner is a sometimes saint.
Every savior is sometimes what he ain’t.
You are in pain. You are alone.
I don’t know why, but you’ve got to go on.
So, whatever, you know, retreat to the trench. Life can be sweet.
I’m out, I’m fresh out of answers.
I’ll be underground if you need me.
Every book I read is a variation on a theme,
of finding redemption through something not worthy of its love.
So, here’s an old song with a brand new name,
brand new words, brand new tune,
brand new me, brand new you.
Where is my reserve? Shedding the sense that I deserve…
I’d rather I lost you before I lose my nerve.
If this is a test, my hand’s in the air; I’ve done my best.
I’m out, I’m fresh out of answers.
I’ll be underground if you need me.
Track Name: I Do, Adieu
I love your yellow teeth.
I love your yellow teeth.
Don’t give me this silly sideways kiss.
Let me mess up your lips.
I do, adieu. I love you like it’s true.
I do, adieu. I love you like it’s true.
Don’t give me that,
honey where you at?
Just bury me next to you.
Track Name: Even Easy Street Is Hard
Polar blast.
Polar vortex.
Plummet to depths never reached before.
Prisoner of winter.
Prisoner of time.
Now’s not the best time for you to die.
Even easy street is hard.
Even easy street is hard.
Even easy street is hard.
Even easy street is hard.
I think I’m thinking myself sick.
The slowest shift into nonexistence.
Looks like we have ended up this way.
Looks like we have ended up this way.
Track Name: I've Nothing Good Inside Me Now
I’d pack it in, but my bags weigh too much
We dance around but our fingers never touch.
I’m trying live, instead I haunt.
I’m something to believe in, if you want.
I’ll do something else when I learn how.
I’ve nothing good inside me now.
Drafting myself, sight unseen
a collage of faces from old magazines.
Don’t want to be selfish, don’t want to be vain.
Don’t want my children to feel my pain.
If there’s some way, tell me how.
I’ve nothing good inside me now.
Track Name: Don't (Stop Believin')
Don’t stop believin’.
Don’t start thinking.
Don’t stop kidding yourself.
Don’t stop believin’.
Don’t stop daydreaming.
Don’t start making sense.
Don’t stop wasting your time.
Don’t stop believin’.
Don’t stop entertaining delusions of grandeur.
Don’t start being realistic about your future.
Oh, I know what you’re thinking,
but don’t stop believin’.