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The Somewhat Surprising Return of Percy "thrills" Hussalonia

by Hussalonia

The honor of being asked. The pleasure of saying no. Can I buy you a drink? There's this party; do you want to go? Do you want to come and work for us? I simply say no. I used to want to be a star, every weekend out late playing shows. Now go ahead and ask for one. I'll just keep saying no.
The myth that we've outgrown. No turn goes unstoned. It doesn't matter eat the cake and keep the batter. No turn goes unstoned. Long before irony was born. Before the entertainment industry. I'd soak you in the water and watch you dissolve. I was your sun, you'd watch me revolve. An explanation. A story to tell. About creation. About heaven. About hell. It's a little out of focus but there are artistic liberties designed to satisfy our human tendencies. You want a microwave and a polio vaccine with the blessing of an all-knowing being. You want a united land where everyone is free without the burden of accurate history. The myth that we've outgrown. No turn goes unstoned. It doesn't matter keep the cake and eat the batter. No turn goes unstoned.
I'm your shopping cart argument. I'm your out of tune detective. I'm your soft shoe underdog. I'm your government-issue lover. I'm your multipurpose author. I'm your no-wax apparition. I'm your outmoded philosopher. I'm your accidental genius. I'm the tree that falls alone. I'm the winning chips that you never cash in. I'm your invasive trophy vendor. I'm your silent tightrope walker. I'm your unused suggestions. I'm your overdue librarian. I'm your blank blank.
You can't experience nothing. There's no experience at all. You cannot feel the lack of feeling. The absence of knowledge can't be known. The body envelope. The deadest letter. No such person exists. And what you didn't know hasn't quite hurt you and then it hasn't really helped. The soul is a beautiful idea. Ideas end with the mind. And like all your muscle and tissue, your mind will whither and die. The body envelope. The deadest letter cannot be delivered as addressed. And what you think you know won't really hurt you, but then it won't really help.


Not long after the infamous public meltdown while on the 2005 Thrillalonia tour, Percy "thrills" Hussalonia retreated to a small potato farm in Vancouver to recover and, allegedly, work on his next album. Years passed and every time an inquiring member of the press found his or her way to Percy's door, said correspondent (probably an overly ambitious, naive newcomer to the profession) was met with an unsettling sight -- an emaciated, bearded man very excited to talk about potatoes and little else. Every six months we'd send his manager/lawyer (and occasional collaborator) Finney Jean Soda up to the farm in hopes of hearing reports about Percy behind a drum kit, strumming a guitar, or even better, in the midst of one of his famed recording benders of yesteryear. But with each successive trip, our expectations lessened, until, eventually, everyone at Hussalonia headquarters lost hope. Percy was finished.

And so you could imagine that it was somewhat surprising to receive a recent package from Percy, its contents a reel of 1/2" tape labeled "Release 610." There is some discrepancy about what this means. Either Percy neglected to add a demarcation indicating a break between the number of the month and the abbreviation for 2010 (i.e. 6/10), meaning release this in June of 2010, or this is the 610th release that Percy has completed during his five year hiatus. It seems we will never know, as when we sent Finney back up to Vancouver to see if Percy was in any shape for a tour, he found nothing. Literally, nothing. The farmhouse had been razed. And where there was once a potato field, now stands a 24 hour pharmacy.

As of this writing, Percy is missing in action. But just to be sure we're in accordance with Percy's wishes, this EP has been released in June of 2010. Let's just hope there are 609 more gems locked away somewhere, all just as fabulous as this one.

- Faber Castell, Hussalonia Artists and Repertoire Department


released June 1, 2010




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is largely the work of a multi-instrumentalist known only as The Hussalonia Founder.

Founded in 1997, Hussalonia is a "pop music cult" and claims to be owned by Nefarico™, a fictional soap company.

The Hussalonia Founder lives and works in Buffalo, New York.
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