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Beautiful Dry Cleaning by Hussalonia

by Hussalonia

I've been here long enough to know That it's time to go Let's shuffle out of Buffalo Because the show must go on And I can't bring myself to look I hate you because you're failing And punishment always works There's a word stuck in my throat That's both familiar and strange Hung there with my hat Somewhere upon the range Where you can Come on back But you can't return Your battered lover That never learns I want to give up I want to go away I don't want to be left And I don't want you to stay By the light of the silvery moon The empty buildings whistle low That meaningless tune Come on back But you can't return Your battered lover That never learns
Last night I dreamt I had no dreams Instead I had direction And everything it brings I dreamt of better sleep A peaceful mind at ease Last night I dreamt I had no dreams The heaviest of trees had fallen on me It crushed my spirits And set all my dreams free Planting my feet on the ground I branched out into Fields I never thought I belonged in Last night I dreamt I was a success And like a weed my money grew and grew Until it covered me like moss And it was only at the cost of my dreams Dreams Dreams Dreams Tonight I dreamt I couldn't sleep I pulled up the fields And chopped down the trees I stayed up for days and nights and days Destroying everything I found with roots Saving only my cavity ridden sweet tooth Now all I can do is dream Now all I can do is dream My teeth how they kill me With every bite I take And when they ask me how I do it I'll say it's a piece of cake And I'll rest in my peace Because it's sweet As sweet as a dream
Everything I say Is filled with meaning And I'm tired of having To explain everything I'm surrounded by water Salt water all around Is it better to die of thirst Or better to drown? Though I talk There's no sound There goes the rest of my life Now I'm dying To see how it ends Finally rest my eyes and pretend I'd love to do it over and over again I love my belongings I love all my friends Thank god it's Friday Because I love the weekend And I love every day Every day of, day of Day of my life I spend my wish at the mall A flower bed A mating call I wish I loved the summer Instead of the fall I wish I didn't care Didn't care at all So light up the candles And blow out the cake There's only one reason to celebrate You're alive You're alive
Shapeless 01:45
Water has no shape It just spills Anywhere Filling space Just a glass or the sea Shapeless like me Give me something to surround The ocean's just a hole in the ground But the water shapes the land And the land shapes the water Two separate bodies One defines the other Before you put me on the shelf And say you're an island unto yourself What's an island without sea? Shapeless like me Shapeless like me Shapeless like me
Keep it Down 02:35
The room was full The room was filled The drinks were poured And guts were spilled They gathered everyone who could be reached And asked the guest of honor to make a speech Someone started to chant his name Soon after that, everyone else did the same It was contagious and they did not When he came to the front and he asked them to stop And so under the noise where no one heard He made his speech of eighteen words Keep it down Or I don't want to be around Go away Or I don't want to stay To stay To stay
Tossing and turning All night All my life Possibilities Oh, what would I do with these? Lock me in the trunk Watch me sink until I'm sunk Don't give me the keys Oh, what would I do with these? A padlock I can twist and turn Hoping to one day Randomly stumble upon Its combination I've got wheels that will run on the tracks That experience has laid for me Around and around Until they meet I'm going to be an escape artist Not an illusionist I'm going to be an escape artist Not an illusionist I'm going to be an escape artist Not an illusionist
The Big Time 01:20
I haul on my back an old apartment door. It belongs to the apartment I grew up in. And it keeps me hanging 'round in blue collar towns. It keeps me in the class that I grew up in. I don't want to be alone, so I'm staying close to home. Rotting on the vine, working the assembly line, and dreaming of the big time. Afraid of being noticed and figured out, I'm afraid of being questioned where I come from. Success is a language I never figured out, and I'm uncomfortable feeling like a tourist. The door on my back becomes a shell. My sister is under it as well. Watching the clock, listening to classic rock, and dreaming of the big time.


released February 8, 2005

All songs written and performed by the Hussalonia founder except for tracks 1-3 which were based on arrangements created with Eric Wild and Paul John Jones. Erik Wild plays drums on tracks © 2005.




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is largely the work of a multi-instrumentalist known only as The Hussalonia Founder.

Founded in 1997, Hussalonia is a "pop music cult" and claims to be owned by Nefarico™, a fictional soap company.

The Hussalonia Founder lives and works in Buffalo, New York.
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