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Double Fantasy

by Hussalonia

Plaza parking lot at night. I intersect the lines, riding on my bike. Semi-truck beneath the floodlight, tell me fifty-two true things about the moon. A dollar store, a shower door. What could an American want more?
See me rocking my dead man's suit. My heart is black and my lips are blue. A condemned man in a worldly pursuit, walking around in a dead man's suit.
My heart runneth over. My heart runneth over. My heart runneth over my head. I'm in love with fiction and contradiction. Give me a little place right over my head.
Choking on chalk dust, oxidation and rust. An iron feeling in a tooth. A cavity filled with truth. If a river runs through it, it's worthy to pursue it. Can you see the daydreams in my eyes? Opium for molasses. A public school kid in religion classes. Give me something sweet and slow and meaningless. Words that mean nothing, but are pleasant to hear. Love me to death and disappear. People say I'm crazy, doing what I'm doing. I'm dreaming my life away. I'm dreaming my life away.
You will get my best, I will get what's left. I'll be sweeping in spotlight. A gross misuse of time, whatever I call mine. Let me borrow liberally. I want to look for a cure where I know there is no cure, just the searching will serve. I know the answers, but the questions still entertain me. I am the rabbit you're depending upon. I was the walrus, but now I'm John. You will get my best and I will get depressed in a backstage meltdown. Every traffic light, a stage for me tonight. I'll be singing my heart out.
We thanked god it was Friday. Now, goddamn it, it is Sunday. I don't want to go anywhere. I kind of want all my problems to stay. Is that okay? To not want to change? No way. Now I'm comfortable and I'm entitled, poorly groomed and well unbridled. Let's not be here. Let's get gone. Let's make like a tree and say so long today. Let's go away. What do you say? I'm ready to change. Barren or overgrown -- two seasons of neglect. Two opposite swings that converge as they reflect. You can operate on me, just cut myself away. But you just can't lead the lost astray. Let me amble at a quicker pace. A different look at the same old face. I say yes and I say no. No, no, no -- just what the hell am I trying to say? Ah, touche. Let's just pack it in and haul out the cliches.
Can't you appreciate the beauty of my anguish? I've nothing inside of me. I'm just full of myself. This is my act of contrition. I lie on the floor in the kitchen daydreaming about things that do not matter at all. Next time do you want me to warn you? If you want, I will break my heart for you, daydreaming about things that do not matter at all.
Aspartame confection, A warning or direction. Shouting salutations to meaningless relations. No sin is original, tell that to a sinner. The end is really no big deal, tell that to a beginner.
I'm in love with someone who doesn't love me back. The world is over 'cuz moving on is sad. 16 -- I write your name up on my folder. 17 -- the eye of the beholder. 18 -- this tape ain't getting any older. Packing up my basement and it's two AM Saturday. I'm throwing it all away.
Happier than a hole in the ground. Holier than a nose to the grindstone. Mortar and cinderblock somehow managed to float on a note good enough to block. Don't slump, shoulders back. Don't worry this is just a draft, a breeze, in fact. Can’t you see, can’t you see, can’t you see that your life is a show about me? To string along or sing aloof. To sink the hole or raise the roof. Beaming smiles from a bunny tooth. I, she says, am the window to your soul
Oh, from the corner of a bed to the quarters of my head. A fool in his basement or the hill and it’s time he wants to kill. Felis domesticus on sill. I’m okay, you’re okay, okay. It’s not your fault that I’m this way. It’s not my fault either, it’s true. But what is one to do? You just might find you’re this way, too. It may look like nothing is happening. The owl hoots and the sea bear croons. I’m waiting for you, you’ll be here soon. I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting still. It may look like nothing is happening. Another song another afternoon. I’m waiting for you, you’ll be here soon. I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting still. Let’s hold the night the way it is. Just gather round me, kids, and our hearts they soon will fill. I promise that they will. Let’s just wait here real still.


released March 1, 2013

All songs written, recorded, and performed by the Hussalonia founder in the month of February 2013. © BMI.

Instrumentation: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, baritone ukelele, piano, clarinet, drums, tambourine, sleigh bells, hand claps, foot stomps

Cover photo: Thom Quine




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is largely the work of a multi-instrumentalist known only as The Hussalonia Founder.

Founded in 1997, Hussalonia is a "pop music cult" and claims to be owned by Nefarico™, a fictional soap company.

The Hussalonia Founder lives and works in Buffalo, New York.
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