Attention Deficit Recorder

by Hussalonia



released August 3, 2010

Twenty, non-stop, action-packed tracks that happen in just eight minutes. Dense and intense. Partially recorded on a cassette multitrack machine for a charmingly lo-fi effect.

While the tracks are numerically sequenced, this album has been designed and edited to be enjoyed in any order.

Try it for yourself.

Place all songs in a playlist. Select "shuffle" or "random play." Because there are no spaces in between the tracks, the songs will seem to run into each other, sounding as if they were meant to be heard in that order. Sit back and listen to chance sound intentional! For added fun, select "repeat." The album will go on forever.




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is pop music cult owned by Nefarico™. Pop does not mean popular.

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Track Name: Are You Ready?
Are you ready? 'Cuz I am ready.
Let's get this started, 'cuz it's almost time.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
Track Name: PSA
Before you make a judgment about how I'm using my time,
let me tell you, I don't use drugs; I use my mind.
Track Name: Adult Themes in Childhood Costumes
A scratch and a bite.
A battery-operated fight.
I can't get no reaction or disciplinary action.
Adult themes in childhood costumes.
A little too much makeup and not enough skirt.
Oh, those innocent racists and inadvertent sexists.
The team leaders look the other way and pretend to be on important phone calls.
Track Name: I Want to Exist Along Side You in a Mutually Exclusive Deal
I can't own you and that's not necessarily what I want,
but to exist along side you in a mutually exclusive deal.
I want to exist along side you in a mutually exclusive deal.
Track Name: The Autobiographical Drive to Work
The autobiographical drive to work.
Track Name: All My Verbs Are Infinitives
Minds will change where time cannot and times will change where minds don't know how.
I see your face in every furrowed brow,
pushing shopping carts and filling up your car.
And so what? So what has this descended into?
You say, hey, do something,
but all my verbs are infinitives.
Track Name: Let This Lesson Be the Hardest One to Learn
Let me be your broken compass so you can spin me around and around.
Let's get lost; let's crash and burn.
Let this lesson be the hardest one to learn.
Track Name: Eddie Van Halen v. David Lee Roth
Eddie Van Halen.
David Lee Roth.
Track Name: Most People Skim
The world is deep, as deep as you can swim.
Most people float; most people skim.
Their minds are empty or filled with lighter things.
What have we not explored? What is not accounted for?
Track Name: I Am Your Embarrassing Notebooks
Come join the serious and the shouted who take deep breaths and tell you about it.
They're usually pretty good at collecting incriminating evidence.
With hooks and hands we'll sink the lovers.
Dismantle every bachelor and send him back to mother.
I am your thoughts. I am your embarrassing notebooks.
Look out, look out, look out.
Track Name: J.D. Salinger
Track Name: Baby Mouse
Does baby mouse feel sick?
Does baby mouse want to go home?
Track Name: Death Is My Co-Pilot
It's death we'll continuously personify,
sitting in the passenger seat, a co-pilot if you will.
Track Name: The Richer Wave
Their voices carried on a richer wave because they could afford the space in the atmosphere
so they were loud enough for more to hear.
Track Name: Attention Deficit Recorder
Listen to my attention deficit recorder.
It's all out of nothing.
It's all out of order.
Now, you may think I'm just dreaming, but what's the difference if I hit play or if I hit record?
I like to wander.
I like to get lost.
So here we go; we're gonna pay the tolls no matter the cost.
Dream, dream, dream away. Dream all night and dream all day.