Hussalonia Versus Time

by Hussalonia



released July 15, 2015

But for the exceptions noted below, all songs were written and performed by the Hussalonia founder © 2015 BMI.

The follow songs contain sampled performances by Rob Lynch (drums), Jonathan Hughes (bass) and Joe Rozler (keyboards): "Obsessive Mind," "The Phone Is Ringing," "If You're Lonely Now," and "I'm Not There."

The lyrics of "Reflections on the First Day of the New Year, 1815" are from an unknown public domain source, often printed as "Thoughts on New Year's Day" or "A Moral Reflection." The year usually cited in the poem is 1782, but was often updated to reflect the current year, published in local papers all around the English-speaking world every January.

The ambient sounds on "I Was Loved By You" were created by electronically speeding up and slowing down a single, multi-layered violin played by the Hussalonia founder.

Executive producer: Shep Huntleigh
Design: Captain Blanqueador
Photo credits: "Ellicott Square Building, Buffalo, N.Y." Library of Congress, Call Number LC-D4-11478 and NASA/JPL-Caltech/S. Stolovy (SSC/Caltech)




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is pop music cult owned by Nefarico™. Pop does not mean popular.

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Track Name: Reflections on the First Day of the New Year, 1815
Eighteen hundred and fourteen is now gone and past.
Eighteen hundred and fifteen will fly away as fast.
But whether life’s uncertain scene
shall hold an equal pace,
or whether death shall come between
and end my mortal race,
or whether sickness, pain, or health,
my future lot shall be,
or whether poverty, or wealth—
is all unknown to me.
One thing I know, that needful is
to watch with careful eye,
since every season spent amiss
is registered on high.
Track Name: You're Not Anywhere
I drive past the funeral home where they laid you out.
I sometimes think of stopping in to say hello,
but I know you won't be there.
You're not anywhere but on my mind.
I still got your number stored in my phone.
I see your name and think sometimes of calling you up.
I imagine a muffled ring from down below.
I imagine that you miss my call.
But I know you won't be there.
You're not anywhere but on my mind.
Track Name: Ought There Be Another Way to Invest This Energy?
In that space where the greatest exploits are sired.
Flummoxed by the amount of assembly required.
If I were an accountant, would the surplus concern me?
Ought there by another way to invest this energy?
Am I wrong for entertaining the make believe
when so many bodies here have gone to seed.
And if I were in science, would all this waste trouble me?
Ought there by another way to invest this energy?
Track Name: What Makes Life So Hard
A picture of your mental health.
Tell me more about yourself.
Let me ask you once again.
Are you now or have you ever been?
What makes life so hard is not proving your worth, but proving it again until you doubt it yourself.
Track Name: A Blank Line
I can see how anxious how a blank line makes you feel.
Got to fill it in no matter what it means.
And that reminds me of a story I was told to explain.
Everything unexplainable has got to have a name.
And every name needs a face
and the sound that it makes
will be the sound
that it takes
to the grave.
Track Name: Obsessive Mind
Obsessive mind
Invasive species
Oh, never mind
No going gets easy
Opportunistic voyeur
Creator and destroyer
Obsessive mind
Track Name: The Phone Is Ringing
Oh no. The phone is ringing.
Something awful must be happening.
Oh no. It's rung again.
I somehow doubt that it's a friend.
Track Name: If You're Lonely Now
If you're lonely now, you'll be lonely forever.
If you're lonely now, you'll be lonely forever.
Listen, listen to me.
The records may play, but I'll keep on working.
We can only just begin.
We can work it in.
If you're lonely now, you'll be lonely forever.
Track Name: I'm Not There
Extend my arm across the sea that parts inconsistently.
Stop thinking about me, please.
What's news to me, you knew all along.
If this is true, then everything else could be wrong.
There's a point in which I will not care — but I'm not there.
Track Name: I Was Loved By You
I've bit by a spider,
flown by by a bird,
barked at by a dog,
but I've been loved by you.
I've been shaded by a tree,
judged by a rabbit,
preyed on by a virus,
but I've been loved by you.
Been burned by the sun,
but ignored by the wind.
Creeped out by the wind,
but I've been loved by you.
I've been questioned by degrees,
transported against my will,
impositioned and compromised,
but I've been loved by you.
I speak, I speak to my cat.
She looks at me like I'm mad.
"You're vocabulary unnecessarily complicates things."
And she says this with a flick of her tail.