Make Way for My Depression!

from by Hussalonia



Make way for my depression!
Gather round and watch me suffer again!
Get down and meet your maker!
Cross your heart. Hope to die.
I’m rudderless and compromised.
Hop on board and sail away.
My eyesight’s poor and I’ve got tinnitus.
Take my hand and let me lead.
Just make way!
I’ve got inside information.
Silence your phones.
Count your chromosomes.
You haven’t said a word all evening.
How do you say, I think I’m leaving?
Or should I say,
how do you stay?
Make way for my depression!


from Dogdammit!, released June 7, 2016




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is pop music cult owned by Nefarico™. Pop does not mean popular.

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