Stolen Office Supplies

from by Hussalonia



I travel on uneven surfaces.
You can weigh me before and after
and you will find that all my gestures
carry measurable weight.
I met you when my romance had all run out.
You should have seen me years ago,
writing poems and carving trees,
flipping birds and starving bees.
I write you with all my heart and stolen office supplies,
composing the greatest lies of my life.
Possibilities will exceed actualities.
I’ve had a good run, all that’s left is to be undone.
Break the silence of the sea. Everything must go, even history.
Take one, take two, take three, take what’s left of me.


from Home Taping Is Killing Me, released September 15, 2013




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is pop music cult owned by Nefarico™. Pop does not mean popular.

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