There’s a lot to be misunderstood.
And I’m dead set.
Taking shallow breaths in order to survive
so I can barely say that I’m alive.
Oh, oh really, oh really?
To you it is fact, but to me it’s just theory.
A bird in the heart’s worth two in the book.
Oh Christ, don’t you give me that look.
History be kind, I know not what I do.
I’m of and out of time.
What is commonplace for me, I know
won’t be commonplace for you.
The future’s just a way to perfect the past.
The present’s an opportunity for people to react.
And tradition is a trap!


from Home Taping Is Killing Me, released September 15, 2013




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is pop music cult owned by Nefarico™. Pop does not mean popular.

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