Originally appears on Whitney Elizabeth Hussalonia. Written and recorded during the 2012 RPM Challenge, an annual event wherein one writes and records an album in the 28 days of February.


I will not always make sense.
It's just not one of my strengths.
You will only see me from distances
of vast and immeasurable lengths.

Simple things, like leaves in spring.
Why oh why, not pop songs, too?
Recycled phrases for the masses.
Why oh why, not for me, too?

Twelve colors in a box of crayons.
Six colors in a rainbow.
Three words left for me to say.

I will not always exist.
How could I make such a claim?
But I have lied for lesser things,
and so I'll say it just the same.


from Pop Does Not Mean Popular: A Polite Introduction to Hussalonia (2004​-​2014), released July 11, 2014
All instruments played by the Hussalonia founder.




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is pop music cult owned by Nefarico™. Pop does not mean popular.

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