Live from the Subterranean Hussalonia Headquarters (Vol. 1)

by Hussalonia



released June 1, 2014


ATTENTION: Songs will be added as new episodes are posted. There will be seven episodes total for volume one.

These recordings are the soundtrack to the web-series "Live from the Subterranean Hussalonia Headquarters," as seen on YouTube. All songs are recorded live, using two, non-matching, large diaphragm microphones. A distorted mono signal from the camera microphone was blended in to drive people who care about fidelity wild. This series was created in substitute for actual live performances, of which the Hussalonia founder generally does not enjoy delivering.

Visit the Hussalonia YouTube channel to view the episodes. Like and comment and subscribe, because.

Bonus tracks are included in the download of the album: all the Nefarico commercial jingles, promotional spots, and incidental music heard in the videos.




Hussalonia Buffalo, New York

Hussalonia is pop music cult owned by Nefarico™. Pop does not mean popular.

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Track Name: I Now Doth Crazy Go (Live Version)
Sometimes I feel like I’m standing on a ledge.
And you try to talk me off. You say it’s for the best.
You pull me through the window and this is what you say,
“I didn’t drag you from the river so you can just sail away.”
I now doth crazy go.
I broke all the dishes while you were gone.
I accidentally dropped them, baby, one by one.
My hands just sort of slipped. I can’t explain.
This is why you shouldn’t leave without me again.
I now doth crazy go.
Take a look at those lips, they’re not gonna kiss themselves.
So it’s clear to me. We need each other’s help.
I now doth crazy go.
Track Name: Never Be Famous (Live Version)
Oh baby, please surrender.
Let's go quietly.
We'll hold our questions.
We'll hold our fire.
You don't have to explain a thing.
I know the dreams of young Americans have short wicks that make for good show.
But they're not brilliant, they're just burning brilliantly.
There's a difference, don't you know?

You'll never be famous.
You'll never be a millionaire.
There's just a few of us who love what you do.
And we do.

Last week I couldn't sleep.
I've been worrying a lot about somethings.
I finally got up and I put on that CD and listened, listened in the dark.
And for that night, for that hour, you were the best thing that ever happened to me.
And in the morning I felt tired and hopeless and worried all over again.

You'll never be famous.
You'll never be a millionaire.
There's just a few of us who love what you do.
And so you do.
Track Name: You Can't Stay Here (Live Version)
I used to dream about the future.
I'd fly over seas to visit you.
Now everyone lives in the modern age.
A face with a permanent frown.
And we inherit all the credit and the debt of all of the lovers before.

But you can't stay here.
I already called a cab.
You can't stay here.
It's too late for that.

On that birthday where we met your new girlfriend, it became fairly evident that we'd never ever see her again.
I hear you speaking in my voice.
I see you in my mirror.
You're waiting for someone to perform with.
Don't you know that it's just you?

You can't stay here.
I already called a cab.
You can't stay here.
It's too late for that.
Track Name: The Big Time (Live Version)
I haul on my back an old apartment door.
It belongs to the apartment I grew up in.
And it keeps me hanging 'round in blue collar towns.
It keeps me in the class that I grew up in.
I don't want to be alone, so I'm staying close to home.
Rotting on the vine, working the assembly line, and dreaming of the big time.
Afraid of being noticed and figured out,
I'm afraid of being questioned where I come from.
Success is a language I never figured out,
and I'm uncomfortable feeling like a tourist.
The door on my back becomes a shell.
My sister is under it as well.
Watching the clock, listening to classic rock, and dreaming of the big time.
Track Name: Click to Add to My Shopping Cart (Live Version)
There's a hole in my heart, so I click and I add to my shopping cart
with money I don't have.
Someone sing me a song that will make it all right.
I got my credit card. Can you ship it tonight?
With money I don't have.
I just can't bring myself down to the record store.
Though records fall from my shelves, I need some more.
Taking aspirin to repair the head is just punishment for the stomach instead.
A stomach that I don't have - for the pain and the loss and the blood and the guts and the gore.
Calculate the cost because I need some more.
Track Name: History Is Mine (Live Version)
Shading in the white squares of a checkered past.
A black canvas in relief, yeah I’ve got to laugh.
‘Cuz now that you’ve all fallen away,
history is mine to rewrite.
Did I leave you left for dead or was it suicide?
Should I paint you out completely or paint you at my side?
‘Cuz now that you’ve all drifted away,
history is mine to rewrite.
I’ll get you where I want,
in or out of my mind.
History is mine to rewrite.
Track Name: No to Some (Live Version)
I wrote you a letter in study hall.
I wanted to take you to the mall,
but I’m awkward and I’m broke.
I must have misspoke.
You asked me to meet you at the punk rock show.
I dressed up and went, but you didn’t go.
It’s a part of growing up.
You just stop showing up.
I went from no to some idea what I’m doing.
They asked me to play a local show.
I said that I would, but I didn’t go.
That’s the way we learn.
The rejected want their turn.
I said no to some.
‘Not sure if I said it to the right ones.